Trying To Inspire Some Spring Creativity In Your Beading Jewelry Artists? Try Pre-Mixed Packages Of Beads

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Trying To Inspire Some Spring Creativity In Your Beading Jewelry Artists? Try Pre-Mixed Packages Of Beads

12 January 2016
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If you run a jewelry making supply store, it's already time to start getting your spring stock together. One of the hot jewelry trends for 2016 already is the asymmetrical look, because it's all about individuality. Consider putting together bead packages and specials for your buyers that appeal to the whimsical and inspire creativity by combining materials and shapes. Consider these:

Mixed Metals

It used to be a faux pas to mix metals in your jewelry, but today's fashion allows for a lot more freedom. You can offer your buyers a bag of mixed metal beads and findings that will lend itself automatically to the creative spirits that are flowing in the spring. Silver and copper round beads in sizes from 3mm to 8mm and small daisy spacers in the same metals make winsome combinations. They can be put into pre-packaged mixes for sale and sold by weight as starter packs or findings. You can also offer individually-priced sterling and copper charms as focal or accent pieces.

Cat's Eyes

For summer, fiber optic cat's eye beads mixed with combinations of glass seed beads in complementary colors make interesting mixes that your customers can use in their projects. Predicted color palettes for this coming season include peaches and pinks and numerous shades of blue. Bright yellow and bright green are also expected to be popular. The fused quartz fibers and the refractive nature of glass cat's eyes make them easy to work into the bold styles that are popular right now among jewelry designers.

Consider mixing shapes, since cat's eye beads can be found in round sizes, hearts, stars, and rice shapes. By mixing them with pre-selected seed beads, you'll be able to offer your jewelry designers affordable combinations that can easily be turned into asymmetrical projects.

Czech Glass

If you're not familiar with Czech or "Bohemian" glass beads, you'll find that they automatically lend themselves to unusual, highly unique projects because they are still typically made in small batches. In addition, the method of manufacture, which involves pressing a heated glass rod into a mold, means that each bead has complex variations in shading. 

Mix luster, matte, and opaque style beads of different sizes and shapes (but in the same color categories) together for interesting and appealing pre-mixed packages for sale in your store. Druk beads can be offered in separate packages as spacers. Offer your customers larger Czech beads, in leaf or button shapes, for by-the-bead individual selections.

With a little prep work, you can put together some exciting mixes of pre-packaged selections for your customers that should fit well into this coming season's trends and help inspire the artists you supply. For more information, contact Har-Man Importing Corp or a similar company.

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