Understanding 4 Of The Most Common Ring Repairs

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Understanding 4 Of The Most Common Ring Repairs

13 January 2016
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Rings can be beautiful and intricate pieces of jewelry. And of course, they can also hold a great deal of meaning and sentimental value, as is the case with engagement and wedding rings. As with any type of jewelry, however, rings can require repairs and refinishing over time. After all, just think about all the damage your ring is exposed to when you wear it every day! By understanding a few of the most commonly needed ring repairs, you can be better informed about what it takes to care for your own rings.

Replacing Worn Prongs

If you have a ring with a stone setting of any kind (such as a diamond or gemstone), you'll need to keep an eye on the setting itself to ensure the stone doesn't become loose. The best way to avoid this is to simply have your ring inspected by a jeweler every few months; they'll be able to check and ensure that the prongs holding your stones in aren't coming loose or otherwise damaged. If the prongs do become worn to the point that your stone is at risk of falling out, your jeweler can replace the prongs with new ones.

Refinishing the Band

Over time, the band of your ring is bound to get scratched and nicked up, no matter what the material may be. Gold, white gold, titanium, and even cobalt bands are prone to damage and wear over time. In fact, white gold can even become worn to the point that it turns yellow in color. Fortunately, by bringing your ring into your jeweler for a little polishing, refinishing, and perhaps re-dipping of your band, you can get it looking as good as new once again.

Stone Repairs

The need for stone repairs is less common, but it's not unheard of--especially in weaker stones. Even diamonds, however, are prone to damage that could cause them to split or crack over time. If your stone is cracked or chipped, a jeweler,such as the Gold Miner, may be able to use a filler or coating treatment to mask the imperfection, but there is unfortunately no way to completely repair a damaged stone.

Band Resizing

Perhaps the most common form of ring repair needed is that of resizing. Rings can be increased or decreased in size relatively easily, provided they're made of a material that's able to be resized (gold, silver, etc.). Unfortunately, some ring band materials, such as titanium, cannot be easily or significantly resized.

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