The Qualities Of A Princess Cut Engagement Ring

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The Qualities Of A Princess Cut Engagement Ring

14 January 2016
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When it comes to choosing an engagement ring for your soon to be wife, you will want to ensure that you know what style is going to best suit her. There are many types of engagement ring styles to choose from. One of the more popular types is the princess cut diamond. Here are the qualities of this type of engagement ring:

  • Square Shape: Princess cut engagement rings have a square shape, similar to that of an inverted pyramid. This quality allows the eye to be drawn into the depths of the diamond, making it appear even more elegant. This is because it brings out more of a sparkle and shine from the depths of the diamond. This can even make some princess cut diamonds appear to have a star shape on the surface of the square diamond. 
  • Preserve Diamond Weight: The shape of a princess cut diamond allows for less waste during diamond production. This also reduces the cost of this type of engagement ring because the production company doesn't have to make up for lost material after cutting and shaping the diamond. This can potentially allow you to purchase an engagement ring that is a larger carat while still remaining within your budget. 
  • Flatter Long Fingers: Women who have longer fingers tend to allow princess cut diamonds to flatter them a bit more. This is because thiner and longer fingers make the princess cut ring appear even larger and elegant on their hand. Diamonds that are a round shape can make the fingers look even longer, which isn't as flattering. Be sure to take a look at your girlfriend's fingers before making a decision.
  • Customize: When shopping for princess cut engagement rings, you have many options for customizing the style. For example, you can choose to have the larger princess cut diamond in between two smaller princess cut diamonds for a more extravagant style. You can also choose a halo band, which is an engagement ring band that has small diamonds encircling it, which can give the ring even more of a shine. 

By knowing some of the qualities of a princess cut engagement ring, you can better determine whether or not this is the right style for your future wife. Be sure that you choose a diamond that is certified to ensure that it has been made with quality and is worth as much as you are paying for it. Talk to a local jeweler, such as P.K. Bennett Jewelers, to further look into this. 

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