Tips For Protecting Yourself When Buying An Engagement Ring

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Tips For Protecting Yourself When Buying An Engagement Ring

16 September 2016
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If you plan on taking the next step of your relationship with your partner then you have likely begun shopping around for an engagement ring. On average, engagement rings cost about $4,000 which makes this a purchase that you really have to put some thought into to protect your investment. So, when shopping for an engagement ring, consider the following:

Shop Locally

Shopping locally is always more convenient when dealing with an expensive piece of jewelry that could potentially break. This eliminates the chance of you having to ship your ring out for services or repairs and will allow you to drive to a nearby jeweler who can fix your ring on the spot. Eliminating the need to ship your ring can prevent the chance of something happening to your ring during transit or causing there to be a long delay during the repair process. So, using a local jewelry shop can definitely make things safer and allow you to receive faster repair services.

Invest in Add-On Protection Plans

Many jewelry stores will offer add-on protection plans which you will have to purchase alongside with your ring. This upgraded protection plan is extremely beneficial to have as it will allow you to obtain features and benefits at little to no cost for ring cleaning, diamond repairs, and ring resizing services. Having these features will help keep the engagement ring in top tier condition so you can better protect your investment.

Buy Around Holiday Seasons

Like many things, jewelry stores do offer a great selection of discounted jewelry item around the holiday seasons. If you are able to wait, definitely consider taking advantage of some of these lower rates so you can buy higher quality jewelry materials like the band and diamond at a cheaper and more attractive rate. This option is one of the easiest ways that you can save on your engagement ring so be sure that you take advantage of this tip.

Using these tips to your advantage of a great way to not only save money but to better protect your investment. This can definitely help make your ring shopping experience a bit more relaxing as you won't have to worry about being at a loss if damages were to happen to the ring you purchase. So, rather than shop online or shop without a protection plan, be sure to take the time to put these tips into place when you begin shopping for a ring.

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