Three Types Of Engagement Rings For Men

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Three Types Of Engagement Rings For Men

18 May 2020
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Shopping for an engagement ring to give to a woman is an easy process, given the large quantities of this type of jewelry that local stores carry. If you're shopping for an engagement ring for a man — perhaps you're a woman who is proposing to your boyfriend or you're a man in a same-sex relationship — you'll need to get a little more creative. Men who wear engagement rings favor all sorts of different ring styles. This is good news for you, because it means that you have a number of choices to consider as you shop. Here are three types of engagement rings that can be suitable for men.

Inset Diamond Ring

Diamond rings are synonymous with engagement rings, but you might not want to buy a diamond ring with a design that is similar to what a woman typically wears. If you like the idea of giving your male significant other a diamond ring, however, you have lots of choices. Browse your local jewelry store's selection of men's rings with inset diamonds. These are rings in which the diamond is set into the band rather than mounted above it. Inset diamond rings are available in many different styles, including options with thin bands and options with thick bands.

Simple Band

There are no rules about what the engagement ring you buy for a man should look like, so you can be as creative as you'd like. One option that you might favor is to buy a simple band. This may be a good choice if you know that the man in your life isn't keen on wearing jewelry unless it's understated. He will be happy to wear a simple band that carries the special meaning of engagement, whether it's gold, silver, black, or another color. Your local jewelry store sells all sorts of this type of ring, so you'll have no trouble finding one with a design that you know your man will love.

Signet Ring

Another choice that you have is a signet ring. Many men enjoy wearing this type of ring because of the meaning behind it — and this is certainly something that can be true when you give a signet ring as an engagement ring. Many jewelry stores have engraving services available to customers, so you can choose a ring design and then perhaps get it engraved with your initials and the initials of your significant other.

Contact a jewelry store that sells engagement rings in your area to learn more about your options.

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