The 'Four Cs' Of Diamond Selection — How To Weight Each

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The 'Four Cs' Of Diamond Selection — How To Weight Each

7 January 2021
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Many people know that the 'Four Cs' are an important part of selecting a high-quality diamond. But how much do these individual elements — the carats, color, clarity, and cut — add to the beauty of your particular gemstone? Where should you focus your efforts for the best results? Here are a few key things to know about diamonds.

1. Carats

Most people want as many carats in their diamonds as they can afford. And certainly, a larger carat leads to the size and weight that will make your diamond ring stand out. But, for budget-minded buyers, adding more carats may not be as important as seeking a higher quality in cut and clarity. Once you find a diamond that fits your ring setting and vision, you may not need to quibble over a few carats. 

2. Clarity

Good clarity helps your diamond shine. Conversely, poor clarity can make even a good diamond appear cloudy and not sparkle with the brilliance you want. But, don't become overly concerned with perfection. Some loss of clarity can still appear flawless to the naked eye and make little visual difference. So unless your partner is a diamond enthusiast, you might not need to worry too much over minor flaws. 

3. Color

Traditional diamonds are valued for being as colorless as possible. The biggest effect you may see on a lesser-quality diamond is a tendency toward yellowish or brownish colorations. But be careful to judge the color based on the surrounding metals. The same diamond against a gold band looks different than a platinum one. And certainly, with modern colored diamonds, the choice is based on your personal taste. 

4. Cut

A cut could be one of the most important factors to consider. The right cut can make a lower-grade diamond shine more brilliantly than a higher-quality one. This is because the cut will help light shine through its facets and reflect outward in various ways. A good cut can maximize the potential in any diamond, while a less careful cut might take away from its brilliance. For the best results, learn more about cut grading. 

As you learn more about how to weigh the various factors of the Four Cs, you will be able to choose the best gem, no matter what your budget is. Want to know more about these elements? Start by meeting with a jeweler today. Together, you can pick a diamond ring that will make beautiful memories for a lifetime. 

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