Scrap Gold Buyers: Why Do They Want Your Broken Jewelry?

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Scrap Gold Buyers: Why Do They Want Your Broken Jewelry?

16 April 2021
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If you have broken jewelry, it can still be worth something to someone, even if it only means a pile of junk to you. Your broken gems and jewelry pieces mean a lot to scrap gold buyers, who can benefit from your junk jewels and will pay you appropriately for them.

To best understand the worth of your broken jewelry, it's helpful to know why gold buyers are so interested in these items. Why do scrap gold buyers want your broken jewelry so bad? Use this guide to help you so you can sell your broken or incomplete jewelry pieces for a profit.

1. There's precious metal value

Where you see a broken chain or a busted gold band, scrap gold buyers see an opportunity to earn money. Often, these buyers melt down scrap gold—including sections of broken jewelry items—and create gold bars out of the melted metal. These gold bars are later sold when the gold value goes up enough to make a profit, or the scrap gold buyers hold onto their investment to watch it grow with time, similar to other stocks.

There's not just gold in jewelry pieces; gold buyers are also often interested in copper and sterling silver found in scrap items. Little goes to waste when you sell your scrap jewelry to gold buyers.

2. There's gemstone and collector value

A seasoned scrap gold buyer will see more than just gold value in a hunk of junk jewelry, they will see collector and gemstone value as well. After breaking apart the jewelry pieces into clasps, hooks, chains, gold scrap, and gemstones, or other settings, scrap gold buyers then assess their haul to see the best way to 'part out' the jewelry pieces. While a majority of the gold buyers will melt down the precious metals, others will keep collector or vintage pieces to sell them individually and will hold on to gemstones so they can sell them for profit to a collector or jeweler.

Have peace of mind when you sell your broken jewelry to scrap gold buyers. These professionals will put your broken jewelry to good use and will pay you a fair price for your unwanted scrap in the process.

In understanding what gold buyers see in your scrap gold, you are better able to assess the value and worth of your broken jewelry. Feel free to have your scrap gold appraised by a jeweler or other neutral experienced party before selling to interested scrap gold buyers. This makes the potential transaction a total win for everyone involved.

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