Decisions For Buying A Horn Necklace

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Decisions For Buying A Horn Necklace

4 August 2022
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While some people shop for pieces of jewelry that simply have a look they enjoy, others favor pieces that they believe have a symbolic purpose. One good example of the latter type of jewelry is a horn necklace, which you'll find for sale at virtually every jewelry store. Lots of people believe that this type of necklace offers protection from many things in life; if you're the type of person who feels as though you could benefit from protection, this necklace might be the right choice for you. Jewelry stores often sell several different horn necklaces, so it can be fun to check out your options while you shop. Here are some decisions to make when you look at horn necklaces. 


Horn necklaces in gold and silver are common, and while you might occasionally encounter one of these necklaces in a different hue, you can expect that your local store will have several gold and silver designs. While you'll want to consider the price of each, you should also think about what look you favor. Depending on what shirt you wear, your horn necklace may be visible at times. If you often wear a gold-colored watch, you might find that a gold horn necklace is preferable because it matches your watch.

Horn Size

When you look at a selection of horn necklaces, you'll see that the size of the horn can vary. While most horns are still on the smaller side, some are extremely small and others are a bit larger. Think about your personal preferences when it comes to the size of the necklace pendants that you wear. Someone who favors flashy jewelry might like the idea of a horn that is a little larger, while someone who takes more of a subtle approach to their jewelry will likely prefer a tiny horn.

Horn Finish

You'll also want to check out a few horn necklaces that have different finishes so that you can choose the one that suits you best. It's common for the horn to have a smooth finish, but you'll occasionally encounter horns that have other finishes. For example, some are ribbed or even hammered for a slightly different style. If you want your horn necklace to have a classic look, you might opt for smooth. However, if you want something a little different, a nontraditional finish may be your best choice. Visit a jewelry store in your area to shop for a horn necklace.

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