What You Need to Know About Jewelry Repair for Rings

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What You Need to Know About Jewelry Repair for Rings

14 December 2023
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Rings are a symbol of love and commitment, or they can mark a special occasion. They can be a daily accessory or make a statement. Whether you have a family heirloom, an engagement ring, or a simple fashion piece, taking care of it is essential to keep its shine and beauty. However, accidents happen, and rings may get damaged. Rings can also show signs or wear over time. Jewelry repairs are crucial to keep your rings as good as new. 


Before you take your ring for any repair or cleaning, it is essential to get it inspected. Inspections will identify any problems you might not have noticed on your own or microscopic damage that can lead to losing precious stones. Regular inspections will catch small issues before they become massive ones.

Ring Resizing

One of the most common jewelry repairs is resizing rings. While it might seem like a simple fix, it can be tricky. It is important to find a jeweler that specializes in resizing. It's important to note that rings with certain designs and stone settings are difficult to resize and may require more work.

Prong Repairs

The prongs on your ring hold stones in place. Over time, these prongs can become loose or even break off, causing the stone to fall out. Have the prongs checked regularly to prevent loosening or breakage. If you find that your prongs are loose, get them repaired immediately to prevent the loss of your precious stones.

Stone Replacement

Occasionally, a stone on your ring may fall out or become damaged. In this case, you need to have it replaced as soon as possible. Replacing precious stones in a ring should be done by a professional. A skilled jeweler will ensure that the new stone is a perfect match in size, shape, cut, and color and secure it perfectly in place.


Regular cleaning of your rings will keep them looking as good as new. However, it is important to clean them properly and with care. The best way to clean your ring is to have it cleaned professionally by a jeweler using the correct method and solutions. Cleaning makes your piece shine and removes any unseen dirt and oil that can cause damage to your jewelry.

Jewelry repairs are an essential part of owning and maintaining valuable jewelry. Regular maintenance, including inspections, cleaning, and repairs, can help keep your pieces in top condition and ensure their longevity. Finding a jeweler to help you keep your jewelry in pristine condition is important if you need repairs for your rings. When choosing a jeweler to handle your valuable piece, it pays to research and choose the best. Contact a company that offers jewelry repair services to learn more. 

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