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3 Tips To Help You Get The Most From Selling Your Gold Jewelry

16 July 2021
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Selling unwanted or broken gold jewelry is a great way of getting some extra cash without the need to dip into your savings or take out a personal loan. However, if you are not familiar with the process of selling gold, you could end up walking away with less money than your jewelry is truly worth. Thankfully, even a first-time seller can ensure they are getting the most for their unwanted gold by simply utilizing the tips below. Read More …

Scrap Gold Buyers: Why Do They Want Your Broken Jewelry?

16 April 2021
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If you have broken jewelry, it can still be worth something to someone, even if it only means a pile of junk to you. Your broken gems and jewelry pieces mean a lot to scrap gold buyers, who can benefit from your junk jewels and will pay you appropriately for them. To best understand the worth of your broken jewelry, it's helpful to know why gold buyers are so interested in these items. Read More …

The ‘Four Cs’ Of Diamond Selection — How To Weight Each

7 January 2021
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Many people know that the 'Four Cs' are an important part of selecting a high-quality diamond. But how much do these individual elements — the carats, color, clarity, and cut — add to the beauty of your particular gemstone? Where should you focus your efforts for the best results? Here are a few key things to know about diamonds. 1. Carats Most people want as many carats in their diamonds as they can afford. Read More …

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