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How To Maintain And Care For Moonstone Jewelry

7 April 2016
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Moonstones are not the toughest, nor the hardest type of stones that you could purchase. This means that you are going to need to make sure that you take particular care of them to protect your investment and ensure that you can wear the jewelry for a long time. Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips that you can follow for your moon ring. 1. Keep Your Moonstone Jewelry In Stable Temperatures Read More …

What Is Your Jewelry Worth?

18 February 2016
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If you need some quick cash, you may be considering either selling your jewelry or getting a loan against its value. Since many pieces of your jewelry have both emotional as well as financial value, you do not want to be careless. Before you take this step, you need to have some idea what your jewelry is worth.  Value You need to have your jewelry appraised by a knowledgeable jeweler to find out its replacement value. Read More …

Coin Collection Inheritance: Overview Of Coin Grading

25 January 2016
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Do you have rare coins in your possession? Perhaps you inherited the coins from a relative, and you may not actually be a coin collector yourself. If so, you may be wondering about the value of the coin collection. This could be the determining factor for many people in your situation about whether or not they will keep the coins and pass them down future generations or sell them. The following information will aid in helping you to better understand the process of coin grading. Read More …

Looking For A Different Kind Of Engagement Ring? Try One Of These Antique Diamond Styles

19 January 2016
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Valentine's Day is coming, and if previous years are any indication, around 6 million people may be getting engaged. If you're looking at engagement rings in anticipation, you may start to feel like many of them look alike. In a way, that's true because the precision of the modern diamond cutting process is designed to make each gem as uniformly brilliant as possible. If you're struggling to find a look that sets your ring apart from the rest, you might consider investing in a diamond with an older style cut. Read More …

The Qualities Of A Princess Cut Engagement Ring

14 January 2016
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When it comes to choosing an engagement ring for your soon to be wife, you will want to ensure that you know what style is going to best suit her. There are many types of engagement ring styles to choose from. One of the more popular types is the princess cut diamond. Here are the qualities of this type of engagement ring: Square Shape: Princess cut engagement rings have a square shape, similar to that of an inverted pyramid. Read More …

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